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Samba Total Body Hair Removal System
Samba Hair Remover Device
Large Tip (Maxi Guide)
Small Tip (Micro Guide)
Large Buffer Handle
Two Large Replacement Buffer Pads
Small Buffer Handle
Two Small Replacement Buffer Pads
Carrying Case
AC Adapter
Cleaning Brush

Eliminate the need for harsh chemicals, sticky messes or expensive salon visits with the lightweight, portable, in-home Samba Hair Removal System. Ideal for all skin types.

  • Samba's unique heat transfer method crystallizes hair on contact removing hair painlessly and safely without damaging skin.
  • Safe to be used on all skin tones, colors, and types.
  • Can be used in a forward and backward swiping motion.
  • Allows you to remove unwanted hair most anywhere you would like - face, legs, bikini line and more.
  • Includes two different sized attachment heads which helps reduces the risk of injuring delicate areas.
  • The Samba costs a fraction of the price charged in salons saving you money.
  • No more painful shaving, waxing or tweezing!

1. Plug the AC Adaptor into an electrical outlet.
2. Remove the top cover and install the heat transferring tip onto the prongs.
Once you have selected the appropriate size, align the prongs of the Samba with the holes in the tip and press gently down into place.
Choose the correct size attachment for the area you plan to treat:
  • Large attachment for areas like legs, arms and chest
  • Small attachment for more delicate areas such as face, bikini line, and underarms.
3. Press and hold the ON/OFF button for one second to turn on the Samba system (repeat this step to turn off the unit when finished or when not in use for a sustained period of time).
4. Hold the Samba at a 90 degree angle to the area being treated with the ON/OFF button and activation light facing toward you.
Make sure the roller is flat against the skin.
Steadily glide the Samba upwards, against the direction of hair growth.
The red activation light will illuminate and glow continuously when an optimal speed and angle are used.
If the light flickers, adjust your speed and/or angle accordingly.
Always use the aid of a mirror when removing hair from your face, neck, or any area to which visibility would otherwise be limited or impossible.
5. Smooth the treated area with one of the Samba Buffing Pads provided with your unit.
Firmly buff the skin in a circular or back and forth motion, taking care not to injure delicate areas.
Buffing should not be painful. If discomfort occurs, lessen the amount of pressure applied.
6. Apply Samba Soothing Serum (sold seperately) or a gentle moisturizer to the area after each treatment for smooth, healthy looking skin.

Click here to view the User's Manual.

Made in China.

Please view the above Ingredients tab for ingredient information.

Please note: This device should only be used with the supplied AC charger. (Cord is approximately 59")
Input: AC100-240V 50/60 Hz 0.2A Max
Output: 8V == 0.8A

Your product is protected from all manufacturing defects by a one year limited warranty. You can also purchase Viatek's extended warranties at Just remember to register your Samba! Fill out the warranty card included with your product or register online at Also, be sure to keep your sales receipt in case you do need to return your product. Warranty Support: 1-888-7-VIATEK - Once you hit the main switch board you dial 2 for customer service.