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HairDiamond 9" 100% Remy "Top Sole" Hair Extension

  • Blends perfectly with your own hair for a natural look. Can be washed, cut, styled and professionally colored, just like your own hair
  • Remy Hair - highest quality natural human hair available with all cuticles intact and unidirectional.
  • The HAIRDIAMONDS Top Extension is one of the lightest pieces of it's kind in the market.
  • Extremely comfortable… no itchy, heavy or sweaty weft
  • INSTANT - apply in one minute
  • Quick to apply, easy to remove - all on your own
  • NON-DAMAGING - no gluing, no bonding, no weaving, no metal tubes. Will not damage your own hair.
  • All the sleek, original Italian design features for comfort and durability are found in the FastClip.
  • Made of the finest Remy human hair from India - hand sewn and assembled with great attention to detail
  • Less-irritating light filament mesh
  • Provides length and volume
  • Affordable - direct from the designer manufacturer, to deliver VIP product at a main street price
    Easy apply to clean hair by opening the clips and lay it flat on the top of the head, then gently pressing clips closed onto the existing hair.

    Washing & Drying: Be sure to remove extension prior to washing. Care for your piece as you would your own hair by using quality shampoo and conditioner. The piece should not be washed daily, just when needed. If it becomes dry, use high quality nutritional oil for hair. After you wash, you may restyle your piece using high quality straighteners, curling irons, or brush and blow dryer.
    Styling: The piece utilizes special coated micro-clips and silicone strip to ensure No Damage wearability. It provides volume, remaining lightweight and extremely comfortable. The piece can be styled while you wear it, or by holding it. It can be curled and straightened just like your own hair, and if you use hair spray be sure to use nutritional oil after you wash it. If you would like a layered look or shorter style with your piece, we recommend your consult your stylist to achieve the look you desire.

    Hand finished in China.

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