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Sultra "The Bombshell™" 3/4" Rod Curling Iron

Bombshell™ 1" Rod Curling Iron
Styling Glove
Iron Pad

Get beautiful, natural looking waves and curls in less time than regular curling irons.

Bombshell™ 1" Rod Curling Iron:

  • Curls in less time than with traditional clip irons - and no "clip" lines.
  • Exclusive, highest quality Japanese Kyocera® Ceramic Heater Technology designed for color-treated, dry or damaged hair.
  • A round rod barrel with constant, even 360°F heat. Get tight, sexy ringlet curls and wild waves that last all day and night.
  • The iron's heater will shut itself down after several minutes of non-use. To re-energize the heater, just slide the switch to the "OFF" position and then back to the "ON" position.
  • Universal voltage.
  • Winner of the Redbook MVP Beauty award.

Bombshell™ 1" Rod Curling Iron:

  • Part your hair into four sections from front to back and ear to ear. Wear Styling Glove on left hand. Hold The Bombshell in right hand.
  • Starting with the top left section, take a large 2" by 2" vertical section of hair. Position The Bombshell behind the section with the tip facing down. This will ensure that the first wave flows away from the face. Wrap the hair around the barrel from the scalp including the ends. Hold for 10 to 12 seconds.
  • Repeat, always taking large 2" by 2" vertical sections.
  • TIP! When styling the right side of your head, switch the glove to your right hand and the iron to your left.
  • After the entire head has been curled and allowed to cool, brush the hair into flowing, relaxed waves.

Made in the Republic of Korea.

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