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Nail Tek Multi Color Crystal Nail File


  • Made of the highest chandelier quality crystal and is designed specifically for natural nails.
  • Will shape and file the free edges of the nail
  • The Genuine stones and elements add a little touch of "bling"
  • The Violet Companion case is included to store and protect your file. Take the file with you when you go to the salon for manicures or color changes.
  • Effective for filing and shaping the natural nails.
  • The grit and texture is just right for natural nails - not abrasive.
  • Helps to file weak, thin, soft, or peeling nails

File nails with Crystal Nail File to file and shape the free edge of the nails. Use file wet or dry and you can file in any direction. Clean with soap and water. Store Crystal File in Companion Case.

Lifetime manufacturer's replacement guarantee: 800 676-2457 phone EXT.128

Made in China.