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MicrodermMD Advanced Diamond Peel Skin Renewing System

MicrodermMD Unit
Natural Diamond Tip
Pore Cleansing Tip
100 Pack of Filters
Cleaning Brush
Power Supply
Four replacement rubber O-rings for diamond tip wand
Instruction Manual

For the person wanting a home microdermabrasion device that quickly and effectively exfoliates the skin, removing rough and dull skin cells. The natural diamond tip helps smoothes the skin, resulting in the appearance of an even tone and texture, and helping to reduce the look of fine lines.


  • More powerful suction motor for a spa-style quality home treatments
  • Natural diamond tip (not synthetic) that exfoliates and will not dull over time. Painless and fast home treatment will help make skin look youthful and glowing for years.
  • Diamond tip with last one year with normal usage
  • Includes a pore cleansing tip that allows the suction to smoothly move over the skin, any pores, debris and blackheads.
  • Professional style quality microdermabrasion treatments in the privacy of your home
  • Easy anti-aging benefits for youthful looking, even, and glowing skin
  • Save time and money compared with visits to the spa or dermatologist
  • Noticeable results
  • High quality product
  • Treat face, hands, arms, chest, and sensitive eye area with the same device, set the power level as needed
    Plug in power supply, turn unit on. Insert black wool filter and place diamond tip on plastic wand. Set power level and use short, even strokes to exfoliate any body area. Repeat 2-3 times per week for best results.

    Click here for User's Manual.

    Issue: MicrodermMD does not turn on.
    Solution: Make sure the power adaptor is plugged in securely at the back of the unit, and plugged into the wall power outlet. Check to see if the light is on above the Power button. If the light does not come on, please contact us for a replacement power adaptor.

    Issue: MicrodermMD has lost suction power.
    Solution: Check the Diamond Tip closely for any hairline cracks, punctures, or spaces that would cause a loss of suction. Remove the Diamond Tip and ensure that both rubber O-rings are in place. If either problem exists, contact us for a replacement Diamond Tip or new O-rings.

    Issue: Diamond Tip is no longer coarse enough
    Solution: The Diamond Tip will accumulate skin cells in between the diamond grains over time, making the tip feel smoother and less effective at exfoliating the skin. We recommend using an Ultrasonic Cleaner to remove the skin cells every few months. You can purchase an Ultrasonic Cleaner for use at home, or take the diamond tip to a jewelry store for professional cleaning. This will take the Diamond Tip back to new condition.

    Three years limited manufacturer warranty. Phone: 469-698-6270.

    Please Note: Do not use the MicrodermMD without first consulting a skincare professional if you have a preexisting skin condition.

    Wand Replacement: 304-750. 100-pack Replacement Filters: 304-749.

    Made in Korea.