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Centrix® Q-Zone™ Quiet Hair Dryer w/ Three Styling Brushes

An insanely quiet hair dryer, with air speed that's twice as fast as the leading competition! This home hair dryer is as powerful as your favorite professional stylists' dryer, without sacrificing the quiet. The Insanely Quiet technology cuts down on the noise, and allows you to hear the door bell ring or have a conversation without compromising on the power. With speeds up to 50 MPH, the velocity of this dryer will quickly dry the thickest, coarsest hair types. Three styling brushes are included for a full styling experience!

Ceramic tourmaline helps achieve healthier looking hair, shine and moisture while ionic technology helps reduce drying time dramatically. The dryer is lightweight, and ergonomically designed for a comfortable styling experience!

Centrix Q-Zone Quiet Dryer (w/ concentrator adapter and bonus power booster)
Technique Thermal Hair Brush
Static Free Sculpting Brush
Fast Flo Hair Brush

For the person looking for a powerful hair dryer without sacrificing the quiet.

Centrix Q-Zone Quiet Dryer:

  • Insanely Quiet Technology - in a comparison study, the Centrix Q-Zone produced an average sound decibel of 70 where as the leading competition produced an average of 77.5 sound decibels.
  • Ceramic tourmaline promotes healthier looking hair, full of shine and moisture.
  • Ionic Technology helps reduce hair drying time.
  • The Centrix dryer uses only 1500 Watt of energy.
  • High performance motor offers the power of 1875 Watts.
  • Universal switch plate - placement allows for both left and right hand stylists to use with comfort.
  • Dryer speeds up to 50 MPH - faster than most other dryers from leading competitors
  • At up to 50 MPH, you would normally find this powerful airspeed in big professional dryers - but we bring you the powerful speed and the sustained heating in an at-home model.
  • With fast airspeeds, the dryer still maintains an even heat designed to optimize hair drying time and temperature.
  • Technique Thermal Hair Brush:

  • Features tourmaline ionic bristles that help infuse moisture into hair and scalp.
  • Heat resistant, static free bristles help control fly away hair.
  • Built-in sectioning pick conveniently stores in the base of the suede-like grip.
  • Static Free Sculpting Brush:

  • Helps control fly-away hair.
  • Cushioned pad.
  • Nylon bristles work well with today's styling lotions, glazes and gels.
  • Reinforced "stay-put" ball tips.
  • Fast Flo Hair Brush:

  • Helps control fly-away hair.
  • Great for blow drying.
    Use daily for styling needs.

    One year limited manufacturer warranty for the Centrix Q-Zone Quiet Dryer.

    Made in China.