Silk'N FaceFX Anti-Aging Heat & Light Therapy Tool

Traditional light therapy combines with dermal heating to help you achieve long-term radiant skin! The anti-aging device works with your skin’s temperature to maintain optimal heat levels for you. You won’t only benefit from Silk’N FaceFX if you want a more natural, youthful appearance (and who doesn’t?). Maybe best of all, you can treat yourself in the privacy of your own home. Fabulous!

Silk'N FaceFX Tool w/ Charging Stand
Power Cord
Instruction Manual


  • Uses a fractional infrared red light phototherapy to treat wrinkles and provide a brighter complexion.
  • At-home anti-aging device using a synergistic combination of fractional red light therapy and thermal heating to achieve long-term radiant skin.
  • Anti-aging results in the comfort of your own home.
  • FDA cleared for treatment of periorbital wrinkles.
  • FDA cleared to emit energy in the red and infrared region of the spectrum (for use in dermatology) for the treatment of periorbital wrinkles.
  • Diminishes the appearance of fine line and wrinkles.
  • Large treatment applicator is able to treat a large area of the skin at one time.
  • Ergonomic and lightweight to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand.
  • No additional accessories required - no goggles, creams or replacement heads to mess with!
  • Built-in safeguards assure high safety levels.
  • One year limited vendor warranty.
    Treatment Schedule: For the first month use FaceFX 3 times a week.
    Maintenance: To maintain your results you should use FaceFX once a week.
    Each treatment session should be 15-20 minutes.
    Do not use medicated creams in conjuction with the device, as it may cause skin irritation or uneven pigmentation.

    Click here for User Manual.