Angellift Lips


  • Safely and softly help increase the appearance of lip volume and size without injections, permanent implants or chemicals.
  • No downtime and no recovery.
  • Beautiful results in the comfort of you home and at your convenience.
  • Can use them almost anywhere without people noticing.
  • Safe and easy to use.
    Moisturize your face prior to use with a deep penetrating moisturizer. Wash Angellift Lips before each use with an anti-plaque mouthwash. Wear under your upper lip along the gum line, just above your teeth. Angellift Lips are reversible.

    When you first start using Angellift Lips, you should only wear them for a few minutes at a time to check for any gum irritation. As your mouth begins to adapt to the strips as it would for any perioral device, the possibility of irritation will rapidly dissipate. Wear only one at a time. Optimally, you should work your way up to 30 minutes twice per day depending on the comfort level. The longer and more often you wear them, the more effectively they will work.

    Initially, most people find they need to use them regularly for three or four weeks, depending on the desired effect. After three to four weeks, the second lift may be used if more fullness is desired. The frequency of use can be adjusted to your own requirements.

    Disclaimer: Adult use only. Keep out of reach of young children. Do not wear if sore or irritated areas are present in the mouth or if recent dental work has been done. Do not wear in the event of gum disease or a recessed gum line. Do not wear lip stimulants in conjunction with any other perioral device. It should only be worn when the face is completely relaxed. It is not recommended to eat, drink, smoke or sleep while wearing. Do not use in conjunction with any other facial device or during exercise. If significant gum discomfort develops, reduce wearing time. If problem persists, discontinue use.

    Please view the above tab for ingredient information.

    INGREDIENTS: Silicone.