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"I know you have to work out every day and I've always tried to find devices for us that do the job, get us to the end point and make it easy." --Suzanne Somers

Suzanne Somers EZ Gym™ Includes:
1 EZ Gym Unit
1 Travel Bag
1 Instructional DVD
2 Wall Posters
1 Assembly Wall Mount Instructions

"It allows you to do something every day. I know you're saying to yourself, I should work out. If you're going through one of those phases where you haven't been working out, why don't you get an EZ Gym? There's a reason we call it an EZ Gym." --Suzanne Somers

  • EZ Gym – The easy way to get strength training and cardio – you can get a total body workout in just minutes a day!
  • This 3.5 pound package virtually replaces an entire room of expensive gym equipment
  • Sets up in minutes over any standard door and features eight levels of resistance for beginners to advanced athletes
  • Includes EZ Gym 10 workout poster and Instructional DVD – 10 easy exercises in just 10 minutes!
  • Includes advanced brochure with 70 exercises, from pilates to yoga to stretching to specific sports training
  • Stores and travels easily in compact carry case
  • Not only does the EZ Gym provide strength and cardio exercises, the EZ Gym does pilates, yoga, stretching, sports specific training and can be an effective component in your weight loss efforts, as well as flexibility, and muscle building
  • The directional pulley system swivels with you as you move
  • Change your positions and you are working different muscles automatically
  • The high/low swivel pulley system with variable resistance allows the freedom to move in any direction over an incredible range of motion with perfect resistance
  • EZ Gym is a complete gym in a 3.5 pound package that can be used at home or on the road
  • Sets up quickly and securely on a door or mounts permanently to the wall and features eight levels of variable resistance
  • Includes a carry case for travel ease
  • The variable resistance allows both men and women to train at a level they are comfortable
  • Dimensions:
    13 1/4"L x 7" W x 5"H
    Weight: 4 pound
    Material: cords made from rubber, with a nylon elastic covering

    Made in the USA