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Forever Brilliant Moissanite 14K White Gold 1.40 DEW Cushion Cut Halo Ring

Contemporary and elegant! This ring boasts a cushion white moissanite that dazzles with more white moissanites that halo the center stone and travel down the first half of the white gold shank. Whatever you wear, this piece is always your best accessory.

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  • Metal: 14K White Gold
  • Stone Information: One cushion brilliant cut 6mm and various round brilliant cut 1.3mm white moissanites
  • Setting Type: Prong
  • Approximate Total Weight: 1.40ct
  • Measurements: 3/8"L x 13/16"W x 5/16"H
  • Collection: Forever Brilliant Moissanite
  • Country of Origin: China

Limited lifetime warranty protecting your Moissanite stones’ brilliance from manufacturer defects provided by Charles and Colvard. For warranty support regarding this, please call 1-800-210-4367.

Created exclusively by Charles & Colvard, Moissanite is a model of sheer beauty that is fast becoming a shining star in today’s hottest jewelry designs. It is a high-quality unique stone unlike any other.

Moissanite has very high dispersion and displays 2.4 times more fire than diamond (0.044). Its inherent high refractive index gives Moissanite a dazzling sparkle, while its precisely calibrated and carefully hand-cut facet patterns intensify fire and maximize brilliance.

Moissanite is extremely durable. It is harder (more resistant to scratching) than ruby or sapphire – second only to diamond – and it is resistant to breakage.

Larger sizes of near-colorless Moissanite (6.5mm or 1 carat and larger) might appear to have a slight color. A variety of factors, such as dispersion, tint and the type of jewelry setting, can create and affect this unique color appearance. Moissanite aficionados enjoy the slight hue that results in a very natural-looking gemstone.

Moissanite’s high dispersion produces flashes of rich rainbow (spectral) colors. The appearance and degree of these tints are less noticeable when Moissanite is set in jewelry. Jewelry set in gold (yellow, rose or white) and/or set in platinum will affect the face-up appearance of Moissanite.

Nobel Prize-winning chemist Dr. Henri Moissan discovered minute quantities of natural silicon carbide (later named Moissanite in his honor) while analyzing part of Arizona’s Diablo Canyon meteorite crater in 1893. Upon close inspection, he noticed the tiny crystals shimmered with brilliance and dispersion, although they were too limited in quantity and not large enough to use in jewelry.

Almost 100 years after Dr. Moissan's amazing discovery, Charles & Colvard, with the aid of science, developed a way to create Moissanite. Appreciated for its overwhelming brilliance, Moissanite continues to take the jewelry world by storm.


Brilliance: The white light leaving a jewel, traveling upward, which is visible to the eye. Brilliance is sometimes referred to as "sparkle."

Dispersion: Flashes of rainbow colors. Also called "fire."

Hardness: Resistance to scratching. The higher the number, the more resistant.

Luster: The shininess of a jewel.

Toughness: Resistance to breakage.

About the Collection
Experience fire, brilliance and beauty born from the heavens with Forever Brilliant® Moissanite Jewelry. Inspired by ancient stardust, the tale of moissanite began more than 50,000 years ago when a falling star crashed into the Arizona desert, scattering celestial fragments across a windswept landscape. Hidden in the meteorite's fragments was a brilliant gemstone waiting to be discovered. With an incredible sparkle and an intrinsic fire that reflects a women's inner elegance, Forever Brilliant® Moissanite is the full realization of this celestial gem's true potential for beauty.

Marrying Charles & Colvard's original classic Moissanite with new innovation and artistry, Forever Brilliant® is the company's brightest, whitest gem ever. Their exclusive process creates a near-colorless gem that is masterfully hand-faceted by a skilled gemstone cutter and carefully hand-polished to reveal its maximum brilliance and enhance its intrinsic fire.

Composed of carbon and silicon, moissanite is one of the strongest gemstones on earth, making it extremely resistant to scratching, chipping and breaking. Featuring classic jewelry designs set in 14K gold, each Forever Brilliant® Moissanite piece offers long-lasting and timeless beauty that's perfect for any occasion.

Discover Forever Brilliant® Moissanite Jewelry for fire and beauty born from the stars, perfected on earth and set in timeless jewelry designs.

Anita SullivanAbout the Guest
For more than a decade, Anita has worked for Charles and Colvard® in sales, training and special events. Her expertise has been relied upon by America's leading retailers to train their associates on how to market moissanite. She comes to EVINE Live to give viewers the confidence they need to find and buy the jewelry of their dreams.