Sattriya™ 27 x 24mm Freeform Drusy Agate Four-Prong Ring

Make a statement across the room. Crafted in polished gold-tone, this ring boasts one freeform slice cut 27 x 24mm prong set dyed drusy in your color choice of blue or fuchsia. The underside of the shank is split in three for a unique touch.

The ring measures 1-1/16"L x 15/16'W x 1/4"H. If you are in-between sizes, choose the larger size.

Please note: Gemstones may vary in color and/or pattern. Please allow for these natural variations.

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Part of the Sattriya™ Collection. Made in India. All weights pertaining to gemstones, including diamonds, are minimum weights. Additionally, please note that many gemstones are treated to enhance their beauty. Click here for important information about gemstone enhancements and special care requirements.


There are several different spellings, but "druzy," "drusy" and "druse" all refer to minute quartz crystals that form within or on other stones. When ground water carrying dissolved silica is forced into a porous area of rock, rapid cooling often occurs. It causes the formation of tiny crystals on top of previously deposited minerals or gemstones, particularly quartz, chalcedony or agate. The cutting of drusy cabochons begins with a rough agate geode. After removing the outer layers of agate, the inner cavity with the drusy is revealed. These pieces are then cut so that a thin layer is left with the drusy crystals appearing on the top. The agate portion of each piece is then shaped, sanded and polished.