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NYC II® 4.35ctw "The Ites" Scattered Multi Gemstone Hinged Bangle Bracelet

A smattering of delicious gems makes this bracelet a must have! Crafted in polished platinum over sterling silver, this luxurious bracelet features multi-color round and oval gemstones that end with the letters "ites" in prong settings. The back of the bracelet features cut-out gallery for added comfort and a designer appeal.
The gemstones included in this bracelet are:
  • One oval cut 6 x 4mm, two round cut 2.5mm and one round cut 3mm iolite for a total weight of 0.51ct
  • Two oval cut 6 x 4mm, one round cut 3mm and one round cut 2mm apatites for a total weight of 0.83ct
  • One oval cut 6 x 4mm and one round cut 2mm spessartites for a total weight of 0.52ct
  • One oval cut 6 x 4mm, one round cut 3mm and one round cut 2.5mm reddish-purple rhodolite for a total weight of 0.69ct
  • One oval cut 6 x 4mm orange hessonite for a total weight of 0.48ct
  • One oval cut 6 x 4mm kyanite for a total weight of 0.61ct
  • One round cut 2mm and three round cut 3mm green tsavorites for a total weight of 0.40ct
  • Two round cut 3mm tanzanites for a total weight of 0.18ct
  • One round cut 2mm and one round cut 3mm reddish-brown andalusite for a total weight of 0.13ct.

All of the weights are approximate. The bracelet is available in 7-1/4"L or 8"L and measures 1/4"W and secures with a slide insert clasp.

From the NYC II® Collection. Made in India. Gemstones will vary in color or patterns. Please allow for these natural variations. All weights pertaining to gemstones, including diamonds, are minimum weights. Additionally, please note that many gemstones are treated to enhance their beauty. Click here for important information about gemstone enhancements and special care requirements.

Necklace & Bracelet Clasp Types

A clasp is more than a practical device used to fasten your jewelry. It is part of the overall design and can be a very important focal point. Be sure to consider if it will suit your needs of durability, fashion, comfort and peace of mind.

Lobster Claw Clasp: As a traditional clasp style found in bracelets and necklaces, the lobster claw is generally reserved for heavier styles that may need added strength. The closure's shape is more oblong, similar to a teardrop shape, and is controlled by a tip that opens and closes the spring in the clasp. This type is also considered a more expensive finding that can add to the overall value of the jewelry piece.

Magnetic Clasp: The popularity of the magnetic clasp has greatly increased in recent years. It is a quick and easy way to secure jewelry while not having to fuss with a tiny clasp, which can be difficult if you have long fingernails, arthritic hands or other mobility challenges. A magnetic clasp relies on a strong internal magnet that works to pull both ends of the clasp together. In most cases, a magnetic clasp is used for light to medium weight jewelry pieces that do not put excessive stress on the magnet.

Slide Insert Clasp: This type of clasp is exactly as it sounds. With a box-like shape that is hollow on the inside, the wearer will slide the nearly-flat tab into the box until it clicks, indicating a secure closure. On some jewelry, a slide insert clasp will be accompanied by a side safety catch, which adds strength and security to the clasp. Although this type of clasp is found on both bracelets and necklaces, it is particularly popular on bracelet styles. These types of clasps are often reserved for more expensive jewelry.

Spring Ring Clasp: One of the most common closure types, the spring ring clasp is typically used for light to medium weight bracelets or necklaces. It is round in its design and features a small tip which controls the opening and closing of the spring. The circle then closes around another smaller loop or link at the other end of the strand.

Toggle Clasp: A toggle clasp is a narrow piece of metal, usually designed in the shape of a bar, which is then pushed through a circular ring to act as a fastener. Unlike the lobster claw or spring ring clasps, a toggle clasp is not controlled by a spring. The pretty design is less secure than other closure types, but is usually meant to be a big part of the design and is meant to "show". The clasp is an attractive way to secure a chunkier link bracelet or necklace.

Platinum Plating:
Platinum can be used as a finish coating over sterling silver or copper alloys. Its bright, pure luster enhances the brilliance of gemstones and does not discolor or oxidize. Platinum plating is also characterized by its good resistance to surface abrasion, making jewelry pieces more durable against everyday and long-term wear. Over time, platinum plating will wear off and therefore will require re-plating.

To care for your plated jewelry items:

  • Remove jewelry before bathing, swimming, washing hands, putting on make-up, lotions, perfumes, and/or working with household chemicals, cleaners, or acidic liquids.
  • Do not clean plated jewelry in an ultrasonic cleaner or in silver cleaning solutions, as it could completely remove the plating finish from your item.
  • Ensure your jewelry item is thoroughly dry before storing. Moisture in an enclosed space can increase tarnishing.
  • Store your plated jewelry in a jewelry box lined with felt or anti-tarnish material. Items should not be stacked as this may cause damage to the plating surface.
  • Do not use excessive pressure when cleaning with a polishing cloth or soft brush, as this may cause damage to the plating.
  • Over time your plated items will need to be re-plated. Contact your local jeweler for information on plating services.