Revalé™ 14K Bonded 18" Mesh Necklace

Get ready to shine. Crafted in polished 14K yellow gold bonded sterling silver, this mesh necklace couldn't be easier to wear. A beautiful bead-like mesh texture covers the necklace complete with a slide insert clasp. The necklace measures 18"L x 3/8"W. Perfect for any occasion or outfit.

Gold bonded metal is 10% 14K gold and 90% .925 sterling silver bonded together using an innovative technology. The manufacturing process involves a special machine that uses elevated pressure to link the two metals together. It creates a beautiful piece of jewelry using a mix of precious metals, giving you the look and feel of real gold at a very affordable price.

Made in Italy.

Gold bonded jewelry is created using an innovative technology that combines gold and silver together. Two plates of metals, 14K gold (10%) and silver (90%), are linked together by elevated pressure using a special machine. The two metals will be combined together forever because the high pressure on the metals combines the molecular particles permanently.