Stefano Oro 14K "Oro Vita" Electroform Rosary Ring

Our first Today's Top Value ring from the Oro Vita Collection! A beautiful representation of gold (Oro) and life (Vita) can be found in this easy to wear, lightweight piece. Choose from white, rose or yellow gold, for a look that best suits your style.

Crafted in your choice of 14K white, rose or yellow gold, this ring features a bead textured exterior that represents a rosary, but does not only have a religious association. The Rosary name carries a broader meaning of protection, embracing power, and life. The circle symbolizes protection from harm, like the walls surrounding ancient cities built for defense against enemies.

The ring measures 3/16"L x 13/16"W x 1/8"H. Ideal to wear alone or stack with multiples.

Complete the look with the matching bracelet 127-312.

The Oro Vita collection within Italian Jewelry Designs by Stefano features a technology that uses an advanced metal forming process called electroforming. In this process, 14K gold is formed into the shape of the jewelry. It is then injected with silicone, creating a piece that is both beautiful and durable. Made in Italy.