Portofino 18K Gold Embraced™ 18" Polished Wrap Around & Multi-Cord Necklace

A play of different textures creates stunning style! This lovely necklace features cord strands in your choice of royal, tan, chocolate, black, charcoal, berry, emerald green or turquoise. High-polish gold embraced precious metal snakes around the strands for a bold style statement. A striking design for a great price!

Crafted from 18K rose or yellow gold embraced sterling silver, this necklace features coordinating precious metal caps that encase the leatherette strands together at each end. The tan and the black strands are matched with yellow gold embraced accents, the chocolate color strands feature rose gold embraced accents and the berry cords are matched with yellow gold embraced accents for a gorgeous contrast. This necklace measures 18"L x 7/8"W with a 2" extender and secures with a lobster clasp. The electroform technique makes the necklace light and airy so the big and bold design doesn't weigh you down. The cords are leatherette material.

Complete the look with the matching earrings 128-226.

History of the Necklace
Necklaces have been worn by both men and women throughout history and, in many cultures, were often used as a mark of distinction. Richly ornamented necklaces were a major part of dress for the ancient Egyptians. The Greeks and Romans wore necklaces made from gold thickly set with gems. Necklaces have been used to indicate royalty or social class; and in various historical stories, the necklace has been a subject of much desire and significance.

Part of the Portofino Collection. Made in Italy. Please note: The cord is 17" wearable due to the twisted metal design.

Vermeil Plating:
Pronounced "vermay," vermeil is an electroplating process in which 14K gold or higher is coated over sterling silver. Officially designated by the jewelry industry, items may only be sold as vermeil if they have a minimum thickness of 100 millionths of an inch (2.5 microns) of gold over the silver. Regular gold plating is less than 2.5 microns.

The "vermeil" technique of plating sterling silver with gold originated in France in the 1750s. It differs from "gold filled" or "gold plated" in terms of the thickness or thinness of the microns over sterling silver. "Gold filled" pieces have a much thicker layer, between 15 and 45 microns, which is mechanically bonded to the base metal with heat and pressure. Vermeil is a more expensive version of "gold plated". It does not wear off as quickly as gold plating does. However, over time, vermeil wears off and therefore will require re-plating.

Gold/Platinum Embraced Silver or Bronze:
Our platinum and gold embraced collections feature layers of platinum or gold over sterling silver or bronze for a lustrous, radiant finish everywhere you look and touch.

To care for your plated jewelry items:

  • Remove jewelry before bathing, swimming, washing hands, putting on make-up, lotions, perfumes, and/or working with household chemicals, cleaners, or acidic liquids.
  • Do not clean plated jewelry in an ultrasonic cleaner or in silver cleaning solutions, as it could completely remove the plating finish from your item.
  • Ensure your jewelry item is thoroughly dry before storing. Moisture in an enclosed space can increase tarnishing.
  • Store your plated jewelry in a jewelry box lined with felt or anti-tarnish material. Items should not be stacked as this may cause damage to the plating surface.
  • Do not use excessive pressure when cleaning with a polishing cloth or soft brush, as this may cause damage to the plating.
  • Over time your plated items will need to be re-plated. Contact your local jeweler for information on plating services.