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PetZoom™ Set of Two Indoor/Outdoor Dog Washing & Grooming Systems

Pamper and groom your pet with this easy-to-use Washing and Grooming Set! This system can be used both indoors or outdoors so you will not have to depend on the elements to decide when is the right time to groom your pet. Shampoo, bathe and massage your favorite pooch with love and care!

  • Two Brush Heads
  • Two 4' Hoses
  • Two Brush-to-Hose Connectors & Washers
  • Two Indoor Faucet Connectors & Washer
  • Two Outdoor Faucet Connectors & Washer
  • Instruction Manual

  • Effortlessly wash and groom your dog right at home! Introducing Pet Zoom Bathe N Groom, it allows you to clean and rinse your dog, all at the same time.
  • Comfort grip handle is perfect for single hand operation
  • Your Bathe N Groom connects to any faucet or garden hose faucet using two quick connectors and the provided 4' hose
  • Brush Head With Rubber Tips: Massage your pet while deep cleaning from the skin to the outer coat
  • Lock Button locks for continuous flow of water
  • Trigger-squeeze handle for easy water exertion
  • Comb and wash at the same time for deeper cleaning
  • Shampoo reservoir holds enough shampoo for multiple washings, just use the soap dial to control the amount of soap as needed
  • Water and soap flow through the soft massaging tips cleaning your dog from the skin to the outer coat. The tips deliver the shampoo right to the skin for deeper cleaning. Switch to rinse and completely remove all residue.

Additional Information:
  • Dimensions:
    Brush Dimensions: 4.3"H x 10.75"L x 2.75"D (0.41 lbs)
    Hose Dimensions: 1.3"H x 48"L (0.45 lbs)
  • Assembly Level: Low
  • Care Instructions: After each use, remove any hair that remained on the tips of the brush. Rinse off the brush. Wipe the hose clean. The shampoo reservoir is designed to hold enough shampoo for multiple washings. You may leave the soap inside the shampoo reservoir for next washing, or simply empty and rinse the reservoir.
  • Please Note: Do not turn inside tub faucet or outside hose faucet to full pressure at start. It should always be started slowly, then increased as necessary as the water that comes out of the rubber tips comes out under pressure. Due to water pressure inside the brush, it might be more difficult to turn the Soap Dial. To make it turn easier, turn the soap dial while pressing the Trigger (letting some water through the rubber tips).

Made in China.