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My Pillow Pet Set of Two Plush Animal Pillow Toys

Super soft and super cute, these plush animal pillows are comfortable and entertaining! Available in an array of cuddly choices, these pillows make gift giving easy as can be. Made from long lasting polyester material, these pillows lay flat for a cozy snuggle buddy and turn into a pet with a hook and loop closure on the underside.

Great for long trips in the car, this set comes with one large Pillow Pet size and one small Pee Wee size.

  • Bumble Bee – Bumble Bee has a yellow and black striped body with yellow underside and face. His feet, hair and antennae are brown while his nose beams bright red.
  • Dora the Explorer – Dora’s wearing a pink shirt and orange shorts. She has a light purple backpack on with a smiling face. Dora’s skin is tan and her hair is brown.
  • Dolphin – Dolphin is light blue with an ivory underside. She has light blue fins and a thin black line for a mouth.
  • Fiery Dragon – Dragon has a bright red body with purple and yellow spots and purple scales down his back. He has a purple underside and is sticking his red tongue out.
  • Fluttery Butterfly – Butterfly has a purple body with pink and light purple wings. She has a pink underside and black antennae with purple balls on top.
  • Huggable Hippo – Hippo has a light purple body with an ivory underside. She is smiling sweetly and has a cute nub tail.
  • Lady Bug – Ladybug has a magenta purple body with pink spots and a pink underside. Her antennae are black with pink tops and her feet are black to match her hair.
  • Monkey – Monkey has a chocolate brown body and tail while his feet and face are golden tan.
  • Nutty Elephant – Elephant has a grey body and a dark grey face with light blue ears and underside. He has floppy ears and tail and his trunk is turned upwards.
  • Panda – Panda has a black and white body with a black tail and ears. She’s smiling with a brown nose.
  • Percy the Tank Engine – Percy is bright green with red, yellow and black accents. His face is grey and the number six is stitched on both sides near his back wheels.
  • Pig – Pig has a light pink body and matching hands, feet and face. His snout is darker pink and his eyes are black.
  • Puppy – Puppy is bright red with a blue underside and nose. His cute tail and feel are ivory to match his face.
  • Rexy T-Rex – Rexy is a white and brown spotted dinosaur. His mouth is open to show his jagged white teeth.
  • SpongeBob – SpongeBob is bright yellow and has a light blue and dark blue hat. His dangling feet have black shoes with white socks that have one red and one blue stripe.
  • Thomas the Tank Engine – Thomas is light blue with red, blue and yellow stitching details. He has the number one on one side of the tank and is smiling brightly.
  • Zippity Zebra – Zebra has a black and white pattern with pink ears, feet and underside. A black mane goes halfway down his back.

  • Pillow Pet: 18-1/2”L x 17-1/2”W x 5”D (18”L when laid out)
  • Pee Wee: 11”L x 12-1/2” x 4-1/2”D (11”L when laid out)

Place in a white pillow case and tie off ends. Machine wash cold, gentle cycle. Do not bleach. Let air dry. Made from 100% polyester.

Made in China.

PLEASE NOTE: We make every effort to ensure colors are represented accurately online. Due to possible variances in manufacturer dye lots, however, colors may vary slightly from what is depicted.