MyTDriver™ Multi Functional Ratcheting Screwdriver w/ Bits & Shaft

The MyTDriver is a patented ratcheting screwdriver which offers unique features that allows you to apply more force, than if you were using a standard screwdriver. The MyTDriver gives you a better grip so you can achieve more torque, which is necessary when putting in screws into wood, sheet rock, particle board and even sheet metal.

It works at all angles, even at a diagonal in tight spaces. It's like having several screwdrivers in one, portable tool. It comes with three reversible bits and a socket wrench adapter so you can use it with your standard socket heads (not included). The MyTDriver comes with a magnetic adapter, which helps to hold the screw in alignment, a belt carry case and a MyTLight that slips over the shaft of the screwdriver and gives you hands free light in dark places. It has a durable handle made of reinforced nylon and a reversible shaft so you can use this in spaces that require a shorter screwdriver.

MyTDriver allows you to drive screws in to almost any surface many times without a pilot hole. It creates a better grip to allow for better hand positioning and force to move screws through surfaces faster and easier. This is especially important for people who have trouble getting the final turns of a screw or those who have a hard time gripping a screwdriver. Handy on-board tools allow for use at odd angles. On-board tools mean your less likely to lose or misplace tips.


  • One MyTDriver with seven bits
  • One ratchet adapter bit
  • One magnetic bit
  • One MyTLight
  • Carrying case.


  • The screwdriver can provide additional torque using the Flip-Up T-Torque arms
  • Help eliminate the use of a power driver: The screwdriver can get in to more places and can be used at an angle
  • Comes with multiple bit heads (straight edge and Phillips head) as well a ratchet head adapter for bolts and nuts
  • The handle is made of reinforced nylon for added durability
  • The ratchet can be adjusted in both directions or lock in a fixed position.

Measurements: 1.5"L x 1.5"W x 9"H. Made of stainless steel, nylon, plastic and base metal.

Warranty: One-year limited; 212-868-4765;

Made in China