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Little YellO™ 12-Piece 1.5 L Multipurpose Steam Cleaner
Steam clean with the next generation, multi-purpose steam cleaner! Little YellO - the mighty steam cleaner cleans and deodorizes every room in the house. It steam cleans upstairs and downstairs, even outside! Little YellO's phenomenal 3.5 bar pressure steam takes on dirt, grime, grease and more in your kitchen, bathroom, living room and every surface including those hard to reach places in a home. It steam cleans your refrigerator, oven, windows and even the grill outside. Little YellO also can be used on upholstery, carpets, sinks, baths, garbage bins and even your pet's beds!

Your mighty steam cleaner works by simply filling it with plain tap water. Steam pressure with a massive 3.5 bar steam force builds up when the water in the base unit gets heated. Controlled by a trigger, the unit generates a powerful 212 degrees fahrenheit of steam! Compared to other steam technologies, Little YellO's 1.5 liter tank capacity also allows for a longer steam time!

Little YellO comes with an 12-piece accessory kit to make cleaning even easier! These accessories can be stored in the on-board compartment of the unit. Little YellO does not use chemicals to clean, just steam, which is more environmentally friendly! The strength and diversity of Little YellO removes the need for use of conventional chemical cleaning supplies. Your steam cleaner is also portable and can be easily stored away.


  • One Little YellO Steam Cleaner
  • Two extension tubes
  • One window squeegee
  • One floor brush with cloth mop attachment
  • One angled adapter for floor brush
  • One adapter (straight sided)
  • One adapter (slight conical shape) plus one high pressure nozzle
  • One filling beaker & funnel
  • Two round brushes
  • One spare O-ring gasket for tools
  • Instruction manual.
  • Features

  • 3.5 bar steam pressure! More power than most other steam cleaners in the market place
  • 1.5 Liter tank capacity - bigger size allowing for up to 80% more steam time
  • Cleans faster and easier and more comprehensively than traditional cleaning methods. No need for floor polishers, glass sparkler, oven cleaner or any other conventional chemical cleaning supplies
  • Safe and environmentally friendly. No more toxic chemical laden cleaning supplies. 100% Green which is good for homes with kids and pets.
  • Measurements: 16"L x 11"W x 10"H; weighs 8 lbs. Made in China.

    Vendor Warranty Terms: 12-month replacement + 2 years limited warranty; 1-855-259-6535; Model: 002YELLO.

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