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CurvAssure Set of Three 3.4 fl oz Conductive Gels

This unique hypo-allergenic, odorless, water soluble and non-staining gel is specially formulated to achieve the best contact between your body and the pads giving you the best results when used with the CurvAssure Electronic Muscle Stimulator & Glute Toning System with Carrying Case 000-721.
Please note: Read and follow all instructions. The conductive gel must always be used with a permanent silicone electrode pads. Apply a small (dime size) amount of the contour electrode gel to each electrode. With your finger, smear the gel around covering entire surface of the electrode. Wash skin with soap and warm water to clean. After each use wipe off and dry the electrodes with a soft cloth dampened with soap and water. The set of three CurvAssure 3.4 fl oz conductive gels will last up to approximately 60 days when following the instructions.

Carboxy Vinyl Polymer, Prppylene, Glycerol, Sodium Hydroxide, Methyl-P-Hydroxy, Bezoate, Methy-P-Hydroxy, Bezoate ester, Cold Reactive Dye and Water.