Soniclean® Lightweight Sonic Cleaning Vacuum w/ HEPA Filtration

Clean the unseen with a vacuum that harnesses the power of exclusive technology! This vacuum uses revolutionary and patented sonic cleaning technology that sends 12,000 vibrations per minute deep into the fibers of your carpet and rugs. This small, yet powerful, vacuum with a pivotal handle allows you to lay it flat to get underneath tables and beds. You will never want to use another vacuum again!

Lightweight, high performing and versatile, the Soniclean Lightweight Sonic Cleaning Vacuum is the best value for your money! The Soniclean vacuum was designed and engineered from the ground up. With patented HEPA Sealtech filter bag system the Soniclean vacuum captures fine dust and dirt, including many potential allergens with amazing results. Soniclean is also designed with a patented brush jam and auto-shut off to prevent belt or motor damage, extending the life of your Soniclean vacuum. Your Soniclean vacuum also features a patent pending Sonicfresh fragrance pod system that keeps your home smelling fresh and clean as you vacuum.


  • Patented sonic cleaning technology which enhances the vacuum’s cleaning ability
  • Super lightweight design - 10.5 pounds - ease of use
  • On/Off switch on body
  • Patented HEPA seal-tech filter bag system (HEPA certified) - captures fine dust and dirt, including many potential allergens
  • 35' power cord
  • Patented brush jam and auto shut-off system - Vacuum automatically shuts off if there is a jam to prevent belt or motor damage
  • Patent pending Sonicfresh fragrance pod system - Keeps your home smelling fresh and clean as you vacuum
  • Carpet and floor settings: Adaptable to your needs
  • Superior drive belt and motor.


  • One Vacuum
  • One HEPA bag
  • One Fragrance Pod.

Use with HEPA Filter Bags 000-718 and Sonicfresh® Fragrance Pods 000-719.

Please Note: Sonic mode is for carpet only.

About Sonic Technology:
Soniclean uses Direct Air System - the energy-efficient motor is in the base of the vacuum, and near the ground, which allows it to create an enormous amount of suction for a cleaner floor. The motor operates at approximately 12,000 vibrations per minute yet the vacuum weighs only 10-1/2 lbs! This technology increases the cleaning ability of the vacuum to increase cleaning effectiveness for particles 0.2-100 microns in size.

Please see the above tab for FAQs about Soniclean Vacuum.

Warranty: 90-day money back guarantee. Limited three years; belt-limited lifetime; 877-377-0111. Product should be returned to Evine within the 90 days of receipt; return must include all original components; you will receive 100% of your purchase price, and refund of any original shipping and handling charges. You may be responsible for return shipping charges. Please note that products returned damaged may not be eligible for full refund. Contact Evine Customer Service with any questions about returns instructions.

Made in China.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Soniclean® Vacuum Cleaners:

  • How will sonic technology help me clean my house?
  • The Soniclean vacuum cleaner uses patented sonic cleaning technology to help loosen embedded dust, dirt and allergens in your carpet. A sonic cleaning bar on the bottom of the vacuum gently vibrates your carpet, much like a sonic toothbrush.
  • I can't lift very much - how heavy is Soniclean?
  • Soniclean is ultra-light! It weighs just 10.5 lbs, almost half the weight of some full size vacuums. Soniclean's direct air system coupled with polycarbonate plastic and aluminum allows for an ultra-light vacuum that's easy to move up and down stairs and around your home.
  • I have some carpeting and some hard floors. Will it work on both?
  • Soniclean works on both! The sonic feature is designed for use on carpeted floors, but Soniclean also works on hardwood, ceramic tile or other hard floors. Just be sure to adjust the power switch from Carpet to Hard Floor.
  • How can such a small motor create all that suction?
  • Your Soniclean has a high-efficiency direct air paramagnetic motor which allows it to create an enormous amount of suction.
  • What is Sonicfresh?
  • Soniclean has developed a unique fragrance dispensing system that keeps your vacuum smelling fresh and clean. Sonicfresh fragrance pods also have multiple uses around the house to keep rooms and closets smelling fresh.
  • What guarantees do I have with my Soniclean?
  • Your Soniclean comes with a full 3-year manufacturer's limited warranty and a limited lifetime warranty on the belt - you don't have to worry about your Soniclean!
  • How do the filter bags work?
  • Soniclean's patented SEAL-TECH HEPA filtration bags use a high-efficiency hospital grade filtration material that captures fine dust and dirt including many potential allergens. Soniclean's patented SEAL-TECH HEPA filtration bags have a threaded collar system to assure a completely sealed filtration system, which helps your home stay cleaner and fresher. SEAL-TECH HEPA filtration bags are manufactured to the highest industry standards.
  • I don't think I have room for a vacuum. Where would I put it?
  • Thanks to Soniclean's low profile lay-flat design, not only can you vacuum under most furniture in your home, but you can also store your Soniclean flat - it's only 7.5" high! Soniclean's ergonomic base, upper frame and handle design means you can vacuum under furniture.