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Ageless Wonder™ Facial Toning Device w/ Two Application Wands & Carrying Bag

Facial toning device
Handheld Application Wand
Headset Application Wand
Six Conductive Sponges
Carrying Bag
Quick Start Guide
Instruction Manual
Two AAA batteries
Small water bottle

This facial rejuvenation system is designed to help you tighten, tone and smooth your facial skin in the comfort and convenience of your own home. For adult use only, women or men.

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles and reduces puffiness.
  • The painless Ageless Wonder generates small, gentle electrical pulses that activate your underlying motor nerves, resulting in repetitive muscle contractions.
  • Diminish puffiness and under eye bags so you look fresh and rejuvenated.
  • With a total of 30 intensity levels, it allows you to choose a setting that’s comfortable for you.
  • Helps you look younger and lifted.
  • Suitable for women or men.
  • Battery-powered portable EMS device intended to improve facial toning and for the tightening and firming the appearance of the facial skin.
  • In a small clinical evaluation, users noted the significant improvement of fine lines and wrinkles, reduction in puffiness around the eyes, improvement of brightness and radiance, and improvement of smoothness and texture, all after 10 weeks of use.

Mode 1: Cheeks - Lift:
This program will act to give you a more lifted appearance and also gives your skin a tighter and smoother look and feel.

Mode 2: Cheeks - Firm & Tone:
This program will act to give your face a firmer and more toned appearance and also gives your skin a tighter and smoother look and feel.

Mode 3: Lower Cheek:
Select this mode to stimulate the lower cheek, from the corner of the mouth to the upper jaw.

Mode 4: Forehead:
Using the handheld wand, select this mode to stimulate the forehead and temporal region.

Mode 5: Chin, Jaw Line:
Using the handheld wand, select this mode to stimulate the chin and lower jaw line.

Mode 6: Under Eye Area:
Using the handheld wand, select this mode to stimulate the area under your eye.

Slide the provided batteries in the back of the device. Fill the small bottle with water and squeeze water onto the blue sponges. Six pre-programmed modes make the device easy to use: for cheeks, lower cheeks, forehead, chin, jaw line, and under eye area.

It is recommended that you use the device for 15 minutes a day on each selected area four times a week for at least four weeks.

For Toning Cheeks and Lower Cheeks:
Slip the moistened sponges into both ends of the headset and plug the headset into the device. Press the power button at the bottom of the device for two seconds to turn on. There will be three panels on the left side of the screen. The first panel is for the mode/face location, the second panel indicates time, and the third panel is for intensity. To move between each panel, push the M button. To increase or decrease the mode, time or intensity in each panel, use the + (plus) and - (minus) buttons on the device. Position headset where desired.

For Forehead, Chin, Jaw line or Under Eye Area:
Take the moistened sponge with the cord out of the headset and slip it into the small handheld application wand. Ensure the handheld wand w/ sponge is plugged into the device. Position the handheld application wand on forehead, chin, jaw line or under eye area.

Click here to view the Quick Start Guide and Click here to view the User Manual.

Made in China.

Please view the above tab for FAQs.

How does the AGELESS WONDER work?
The AGELESS WONDER is designed to copy the messages sent from your brain to the facial muscles. These messages cause the muscles to contract and relax.

Can muscles become over developed or strained?
No. The principle is the same for general training of any muscle - the more exercise with suitable periods of rest, the stronger and more toned the muscles will become.

Are there any age restrictions on use of the AGELESS WONDER?
The AGELESS WONDER is for adult use; the elderly should use the device only under supervision and at low intensity. The device should not be used by infants, toddlers Or children.

Will I find it uncomfortable?
As long as the conductive sponge is moist and kept firmly against the skin, you will not feel any unpleasantness. At low intensity, you will feel a slight tingling sensation, but as the intensity gets higher you will only feel pleasant contractions. However, should you feel irritation or uncomfortable sensations continue in a specific area and move on a different area on your face.

Should the intensity settings be the same for each muscle?
Each muscle will respond differently, so intensities will vary accordingly. Move the application wand around to find the right trigger point that gives you maximum contractions.

Are there any contraindications to use of the AGELESS WONDER?
Please read all the warnings and cautions page before you use.

What does AGELESS WONDER feel like?
When applied following the instructions, you will feel a tingling sensation then a pleasant contraction of the facial muscles.

Yes. There are some people for whom AGELESS WONDER is not appropriate. Please refer to the instruction guide and for any specific concerns about your personal health and the use of AGELESS WONDER, please refer to your doctor.

When can I expect to see results?
Depending on the frequency of use, you should expect to notice results in 2 - 3 weeks. With normal recommended use of AGELESS WONDER, you will see a noticeable improvement of your facial tone after four weeks.

How often do I need to use AGELESS WONDER to get really good results?
It is recommended that you use AGELESS WONDER for 15 minutes a day on each selected area four times a week for at least four weeks for best results.

How long does the session take?
Fifteen minutes on each selected facial area.

For how long do I need to use the AGELESS WONDER at least five times per week?
Unlike some professional treatments done five times a week, AGELESS WONDER should be done four times a week allowing for suitable periods of rest.

How long do the lifting and smoothing effects of AGELESS WONDER last?
This will vary from person to person. As with any muscular exercise program, the key to maintaining optimum results is to continue stimulating the muscles.

How do I know I have found the correct application points?
You will know you are using AGELESS WONDER correctly when you feel the targeted muscles responding properly with a pleasant contraction.

Can I do my AGELESS WONDER workouts incorrectly?
Not as long as you follow the instructions from the user guide and practice a little bit. The best position for AGELESS WONDER is where the strongest contractions can be felt.

When should AGELESS WONDER not be used?
There are specific people who should not be using AGELESS WONDER: this is specified in the User Guide. Please be sure to read the User Guide completely before using your AGELESS WONDER.

I was told that facial exercising could cause wrinkles?
Clinical studies have proven that the OPPOSITE is true! Dermatologists, Experts and an Unbiased Panel all agreed that AGELESS WONDER brings about a “significant” and “measurable” improvement in the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Will I get faster results by turning up the intensity?
There is no need to as the microprocessor controlled automatic workout programs are already tailor made and designed to give you the best possible results in the least amount of time.

Can I use AGELESS WONDER lying down?
It is recommended that AGELESS WONDER always be started in the sitting position.

Sometimes I feel a slight tingling sensation in my teeth?
If you experience any discomfort, please move the conductive sponge slightly to ensure your comfort.

Is AGELESS WONDER compatible with my other facial products?
You can use your favorite skincare products, but AGELESS WONDER does not depend on them to be effective.