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Ab Transform™ Set of Four Replacement Pads

You will receive four gel pads for use with The Ab Transform. When in between uses, cover the gel pad with a plastic sheet the gel pad comes packaged in. One gel pad lasts approximately 30 uses.

When Applying the Gel Pads and Belt:
  • Place the Gel Pads and belt ONLY on the abdomen.
  • Do not place the Gel Pads or belt on the front or sides of neck, across or through the heart, in the genital region nor on the head.
  • Application of electrodes near the thorax may increase the risk of cardiac fibrillation.
  • Avoid any recent scars, broken or inflamed skin, areas of infection or susceptibility to acne, thrombosis or other vascular problems, or many parts of the body where feeling is limited.
  • Avoid area of injury or restricted movement
  • Avoid placing the pads over metal implants.

Please note: skin irritations and burns have been reported.

Made in Taiwan