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Garden Groom® Platinum Pro 500W Outdoor Trimming Tool

Garden Groom® was created by a retired engineered who was passionate to create a hedge trimmer that was safer and easy to use. This tool cuts, shreds and captures the majority of waste material with its concealed blade - making it virtually impossible to cut the power cord. Great ideas are always worth fighting for!

Garden Groom
Mega Collection Bag
Extension Hose
Instructional DVD


  • The Garden Groom® shrub trimmer has a rotary cutting blade that cuts and shreds the clippings using a scissor-like action
  • The shredded material is deposited into the on-board container or alternatively into the volume collection bag
  • Simplifies maintaining a beautifully landscaped yard
  • Garden Groom is designed to cut 12-18 months worth of growth
  • The double-edge stainless steel blade cuts hedges and bushes at the rate of 57,000 times per minute
  • Designed for safety - the concealed blade protects the user from accidental injury and makes it almost impossible to cut the power cord
  • The dual-handle controls and prevents unintended start-up or shut-off
  • Technologically advanced with 11 worldwide patents and constructed from tough, contractor-grade materials making Garden Groom virtually indestructible
  • Helps save time, money and trouble
  • The Garden Groom's 3-in-1 action cuts, shreds, and collects clippings at once, eliminating the need for raking or other messy clean up
  • The powerful 500 watt motor, with 2800 RPMs, trims hedges quickly, professionally and with ease
  • The concealed blade protects you from accidental injury and makes it impossible to cut the power cord
  • Lightweight and easy to handle - for all adults
  • Designed to last - virtually indestructible construction and no-need sharpening blades - ever!
  • Requires 120V-60 Hz Voltage
  • Measures 28"L x 12"W x 10-1/2"H and weighs 7.7lbs
    When storing, ensure the tube, hose and bag are completely free of waste material. Low level of assembly required.

    Warranty: Manufacturers one year limited warranty included; 1-800-498-0422
    Model Number: 90GG01GP01

    IMPORTANT: For safe operation, read instruction manual. Always wear eye protection. To reduce the risk of electrical shock, do not expose unit to water or operate unit on wet ground. Replace damaged cord immediately. Double insulation, when servicing use only identical replacement parts.