GymForm® AbStorm Machine Complete Abdominal Workout

Shape your abs, legs and glutes in minutes per day! Work your upper and lower abdominal muscles, especially those hard-to-reach oblique muscles. Not only can you engage your entire abdominal muscles but also work your thighs (adductors and abductors), helping to burn-off unwanted fat and creating firm and toned muscles. AbStorm is comfortable to use, so you can use it daily which will help increase your results.

Abstorm unit
Diet plan
Instruction manual
Advanced Training Guide


  • Works the abs, thighs and glutes.
  • Works all your muscles in all directions with one single rotating movement.
  • Encourages fat burning, works the heart and strengthens the entire abdominal area.
  • Unique customizable resistance system - three different resistance levels for each movement, adjustable according to your physical fitness level.
  • Comfortable and easy to use.
  • Designed to tone and strengthen your abs.
  • You'll feel it working your muscles instantly!
  • Weight capacity: 260lbs
  • Unit measures 23.15"H x 43.73"L x 19.21"W and weighs 17lbs
  • PLEASE NOTE: To adjust band resistance, move adjusting pins. The pins can be between the two bands, on the inside of the elastic bands, or on the outside of the elastic bands.

    Made in China.