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Magic Scarf Set of Two Tubular Knit Scarves

Discover the latest in versatile fashion! The Magic Scarf breaks new ground with a stretchy knit tubular design that works in eight different ways. Perfect as a scarf, the design easily converts to a snood, caplet, cowl neck, shawl, shrug, wrap and sash in a moment’s notice so you’re prepared for any occasion. The set includes one off-white and one black Magic Scarf which features an irresistable soft furry texture.
Measurements in Relaxed State: 50"L x 7"W
Materials: 100% Nylon
Care: Do not wash above 40 degrees C. Tumble dry at lower temperature. Do not bleach, iron or wring. Wash dark colors separately.
Made in China

Recreate Your Wardrobe with a Scarf
Adding a scarf to your outfit creates a custom look. With the variety of materials and patterns available, you'll find scarves suitable for everything from professional outfits to weekend looks. A scarf especially allows you to embrace a certain color or pattern fashion-trend without spending a lot of money. The wardrobe options are only limited by your imagination, but below are four ideas to get you started.

European Loop
A stylish option for tailored or casual outfits, the European Loop works well with fluid scarves that measure at least 66"L and 20"W. To wear, fold scarf in half. Wrap around neck, with looped end on one side. Pull open ends of scarf through loop. Cinch as tight or loose around your neck as you like.

One Shoulder
An elegant way to stay warm, this look works well with a variety of fabric weights. A scarf that is at least 70"L and 25"W will provide the best look. To wear, drape scarf around shoulders. At your chest, extend one end longer than the other. Toss the longer end over your shoulder. You can also attach a brooch at your shoulder for a custom look and secure fit.

Neck Drape
One of the easiest ways to wear a scarf, this versatile look takes you from workday to weekend. An option for a variety of fabric weights, it looks best with a scarf that's at least 60"L and 40"W. To wear, drape around your neck with the ends extended at your back. Bring each end to the front and let dangle at your chest.

Square Knot
A square knot is the perfect way to wear a scarf draped on your shoulders. This look works well with fluid scarves around 42"L. To wear, drape scarf around shoulders. At your chest, extend the right end to be longer than the left. Cross the right end over the left and pull through. Then cross that left end over the right and pull through. Cinch as desired.

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