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The Original Ecoegg™

Your clothing care prayers have been answered – the Ecoegg has arrived! The stain removal power of the Ecoegg is similar to standard detergent, but can last for approximately 720 washes. It's a much more natural way to wash so don't have to carry big boxes / bottles of detergent back from the supermarket. Ecoegg takes up very little room in your cupboard meaning no mess and no fuss.

Ecoegg leaves no fragrances or odors, leaving your laundry smelling clean and fresh. It also doesn't use any harsh chemicals, making Ecoegg a great find for people with sensitive skin. An incredible wonder!

How to Use:
Using the Ecoegg is very simple and convenient. Just fill the Ecoegg with cleaning pellets (3 x mineral pellet packs and 1 x tourmaline ceramic pellet pack) and place it into the drum of your machine, on top of your laundry and wash as normal. The Ecoegg can be used at any temperature up to 140 degrees F.


  • Ecoegg
  • 1 Pack Ceramic Tourmaline Pellets
  • 12 Packs Mineral Pellets
  • Ingredients: Sodium Olefin Sulfonate, Sodium Carbonate

    **Important: Can be used with fabric softeners and other brand detergents. Ecoegg is completely safe for colors and uses no bleaches or harsh chemicals.

    Made in China.

    What temperatures can you use the ecoegg on?
    You can use it up to and including 140 degrees Fahrenheit. But actually, it performs very well at cooler temperatures - so give it a go washing in cool water and see what you think.

    Can you still use pre-wash stain removers?
    Yes! Just treat the ecoegg like regular detergent. So, if you would usually use an in-wash or pre-wash stain removers, then you can continue to do so. Same goes for whitening powder, lime scale remover and anything else - just continue to do what you normally would do.

    Can you use fabric softener with the ecoegg?
    Yes! You can use fabric softener/conditioner with the ecoegg, no problem - it won't affect the operation of the ecoegg at all.

    How does the ecoegg leave your washing smelling?
    The ecoegg is 100% fragrance free. Your washing will be left smelling fresh and clean, but with no strong scent. If you like a stronger scent to your laundry, we would suggest using some fabric conditioner/softener which will give your washing that lovely fragrance.

    Can you hand wash with the ecoegg?
    Yes! Just put the ecoegg in a bowl of water. Agitate it for a couple of minutes, then leave the water for about 20 minutes and it'll be good to hand wash in.

    Is the ecoegg safe to use with all fabrics, even delicates?
    Yes! It's designed to be gentle on even your most delicate garments. Just remember to always follow the instructions on the garment's label.

    Can you use the ecoegg in all types of washing machine?
    Yes! It's perfect for use in all types of machine, front loaders and top loaders. It's great in both standard and high efficiency (HE) washing machines.

    Can you use the ecoegg on colors?
    Yes! It's great on colors and great on whites. Because it contains no nasty chemicals, colors stay bright. And because of the bicarbonate, a natural whitener, whites stay white!

    How do I know when to top up the pellets?
    It's really easy! Just keep an eye on the pellets and when they get down to about half their original size, that's when to top up with a new pack of white pellets. You have to top up about every 72 washes, that's about 3 months of washing for the average family. But don't worry about counting the number of washes - you'll get to know when to replace them. It's easy!

    Can you use it in hard and soft water?
    Yes! It's formulated to work with both hard and soft water.

    Do I need to dry the ecoegg between washes?
    No. If you are doing several washes one after another, just keep using the ecoegg. When you've finished washing for the day, take it out of the machine and leave it to dry. Perhaps just sit it in top of the machine. It'll then be ready to go again when you need it next!

    Does this item have added perfumes?
    No. The original ecoegg was developed to be fragrance free, as it's commonly the perfumes in detergent which can irritate sensitive skin. We have since developed skin-safe fragranced versions, which I hope to introduce to shopNBC at some point down the line.

    Does this item have a particular scent?
    No. With the original fragrance free version, the washing is left smelling - clean and fresh - but not with a strong scent.