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Thomas Kinkade Choice of Framed Matte Print- Hand-Signed by the Artist - 448-317

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448-317 - Thomas Kinkade Choice of Framed Matte Print- Hand-Signed by the Artist
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Thomas Kinkade Choice of Framed Matte Print- Hand-Signed by the Artist

Hand-signed by Thomas Kinkade, each of these seven amazing choices will liven up any room or office! If you have been a collector you can't miss out on these framed and ready-to-hang prints. These gems were found in the dark depths of a warehouse and are available for purchase exclusively here. Available in limited quantities, these signed prints will never be available again once sold out! Get yours today!

All of these choices have been sold out in Limited Edition in the past. The prints are framed in a beautiful warm mahogany poly resin frame that has a medium reverse contrasting on the outer and inner edges. The neutral matte complements the colors in the image and brings out the warmth in the frame. The back of the frame is finished with craft paper and has a sturdy wire hanger attached so it comes ready to hang. A Certificate of Authenticity is included with each print.

  • Garden Party: "I discovered this greenhouse in a lush garden within an immense country estate in England. It was great fun painting the costumes of the Victorian era and attempting to capture the motion and color of a turn-of-the century garden party!" - Artist Thomas Kinkade.
  • Blue Cottage: This work features an English Cottage. It also has "52" on stonework, which signifies the second day of May - Thom and Nanette's wedding anniversary. The woman and children featured in this painting are Nanette, Merritt and Chandler.
  • End of a Perfect Day: "Paintings like The End of a Perfect Day express my growing appreciation for the real beauty of nature untamed. This rustic stone cabin is nestled in a glorious setting a secluded lake framed by distant mountains. But my wild places show the charming and comfortable signs of a very human presence. A fireplace warms the living room, illuminating the overstuffed chair and mounted trophy animals glimpsed through open windows." - Artist Thomas Kinkade.
  • Olde Porterfield Tea Room: "Although Olde Porterfield Tea Room is imaginary, it is based on those wonderful tea rooms that, along with pubs, seem to be the social center of every English country village. In this case, the tea room is fashioned from what was originally a cottage. This cottage features architecture that is an amalgamation of every addition and alteration that came through the successive generations." - Artist Thomas Kinkade.
  • McKenna's Cottage: "There seems to be a quiet stateliness to classic English cottages such as McKenna's Cottage. Every stone seems placed by hand, every bit of thatch carefully bound in place. This is a patient labor of love." - Artist Thomas Kinkade.
  • Blessings of Spring: "In the magical light of Spring, it's easy to imagine this dignified English manor house a century ago, its stately Victorian guests stepping out of their carriages to make a grand entrance amidst the vibrant radiance of evening. That memory truly is a blessing." - Artist Thomas Kinkade.
  • Beside Still Water: "There is a wonderful hideaway I visit only in my art, bathed in a silvery light, ablaze with flowers of every hue and description, silent save for murmur of gently rushing waters. Beside Still Waters is my vision of what the Garden of Eden must have been like. As a Christian, I speculate on the mystery and wonder of God's creation, when nature was perfect, unspoiled. As an artist, I try to convey my own wonder at the richness and variety I still find in the natural world." - Artist Thomas Kinkade.

Additional Information:
  • Dimensions:
    All Images (except Garden Party and Blue Cottage): 16"H x 20"W; Overall: 28"H x 32"W x 1"D
    Garden Party Image Size: 16"H x 20"W; Overall Size: 28-1/2"H x 32.5"W x 1"D
    Blue Cottage Image Size: 20"H x 16"W; Overall Size: 32"H x 28"W x 1"D
  • Artwork Material: Framed matte print
  • Certificate of Authenticity: You'll receive a certificate of authenticity to denote this is a genuine piece of Thomas Kinkade artwork
  • Country of Origin: USA

Please Note: Keep out of direct sunlight.

About the Collection
Known as The Painter of Light™, Thomas Kinkade became recognized as America's most collected living artist. Reflecting his modest background, Kinkade painted bucolic scenes with themes of simple pleasures and inspiring messages. With each brushstroke, Thom eloquently captured the beauty in the world with an instantly recognizable use of color and light.

As a devout Christian, Kinkade used his gift as a vehicle to communicate and spread inherent life-affirming values. Kinkade credited the Lord for both the ability and the inspiration to create his paintings. His goal as an artist was to touch people of all faiths, to bring peace, and joy into their lives through the images he created. The letters he received every day testify to the fact that he had achieved this goal.

As an Authorized Thomas Kinkade gallery, EVINE Live is proud to pay tribute with limited editions, framed art, canvas prints and other licensed products. Capture the beauty and tranquility of one the most widely collected artists in the world and display one of his masterpieces in your own home.

Patrick KinkadeAbout the Guest
With more than 25 years of experience in the art business, Thomas’ younger brother Patrick divides his time as a professor at Texas Christian University (TCU), and as an active member of the management team at Thomas Kinkade Company.  A previous gallery owner and author of several books on Thomas Kinkade’s travels, Patrick speaks regularly on Thomas Kinkade and his evolution as an artist. He is also actively involved in coordinating the Heritage tour and main events at Thomas Kinkade Galleries. Join Patrick for his first hand insight, as a brother and as an expert on the “Painter of Light.”

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