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Marquis by Waterford Choice of 12" Crystalline Bowl or 12" Crystalline Vase - 435-868

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435-868 - Marquis by Waterford Choice of 12'' Crystalline Bowl or 12'' Crystalline Vase
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Marquis by Waterford Choice of 12" Crystalline Bowl or 12" Crystalline Vase

The largest and boldest look ever offered from Marquis by Waterford! Featuring opulent long cuts, this stunning 12" bowl or 12" vase brilliantly showcases its contents and features the characteristic weight and stability that the Marquis by Waterford is famous for.

Showcasing a pattern of crossing long lines and five point cuts that traverse a sleek, cylindrical silhouette, you get to chose from a 12" bowl or a 12" vase. The large bowl makes a striking statement on your dinner table, or as an elegant serving platter. With its perfect combination of a shallow yet very wide 'low bowl', it makes a perfect statement piece on it's own or filled with your choice of accents. Use as a serving piece on your dining table for bread, salads, or cookies or as a display piece in an entryway or coffee table.

The vase is perfect for today's homes in atrium entryways, living rooms or dining rooms. It makes a striking statement on it's own or filled with the season's freshest florals. Use as a centerpiece on your dining table with either fresh or silk flowers. This striking vase or bowl features the characteristic Maximilian pattern. Maximilian is a contemporary pattern and is a fresh take for entertaining and home decor.

Additional Information:
Measures: Vase: 12"H x 6"W (4.8 lbs); Bowl: 3-3/4"H x 12"W (4.4 lbs). Made of crystalline. For indoor display. Made in Italy.

Care Instructions: Fine crystal and glassware require the gentlest of care to maintain their brilliance and integrity for years to come. When washing by hand, avoid using scouring pads and/or abrasive detergents. To prevent spotting, combine quarter cup ammonia with a mild lemon detergent. Rinse in clean water and air dry on a rack. Clean vases and decanters by filling them half-full with moderately hot water, a small amount of mild detergent, two tablespoons of white vinegar or ammonia and 1/2 cup uncooked rice. Swirl the rice around for a few minutes to remove residue. Rinse well with moderately hot water and air dry, upside down, on a rack. Always hand-wash painted glassware.

We do not recommend washing fine crystal or glassware in an automatic dishwasher as overtime crystal may lose brilliance. However, if crystal and glassware must be machine washed, please exercise these precautions. Do not machine wash metal-accented crystal. Use your dishwasher's 'fine crystal and china' setting. For dishwashers without this setting, use the 'air-dry only' cycle. After the cycle is complete, open the door to air dry. Use only half the recommended amount of cleanser, as even the mildest brands of automatic dish-washing detergent are abrasive. Ideally, lower the top dishwasher rack to accommodate the height of your crystal. Space your crystal stemware on the rack so the pieces do not touch one another, since vibration during the washing and rinsing cycles can chip or crack the crystal.

Use & Durability: Fine crystal and glassware can crack or break when subjected to extremes of hot and cold. Before putting very warm food or liquid into a crystal container, we recommend you preheat the crystal with moderately hot tap water. Do not pour cold beverages into a pitcher or bowl that's just been washed with hot water. Likewise, do not wash a crystal piece that's just come out of the refrigerator; allow it to warm to room temperature first.

About Marquis by Waterford:
Marquis by Waterford combines versatility with value, using classic Waterford cuts. For over 20 years, Marquis by Waterford has offered customers distinctive style and value. Designed by Waterford and manufactured in various countries around the world, Marquis features the same high quality in an assortment of styles – from traditional to contemporary. Marquis’ premium glass construction offers the same weight and clarity as lead crystal, at a price that allows you to purchase multiple pieces for yourself and others. Make everyday special with Marquis by Waterford!


A name synonymous with elegance and luxury, Waterford was founded in 1783 by George and William Penrose in the ancient Viking city of Waterford. From the start, the principle that has guided the company for more than 200 years is simple: handcraft crystal "as fine as any in Europe...in the most elegant style."

The Penrose family knew the secret to mixing just the right minerals and glass to produce crystal with beautiful and mysterious qualities. When tapped, it sang sweetly. When touched, it felt warm and soft. The magnificent pieces crafted in Waterford's early period set the standards now recognized as the hallmarks of Waterford Crystal.

Today, Waterford is the world's top producer of fine crystal, and continues to be the brand of choice for the most elegant of table settings and luxury lifestyle accoutrement.

The Classic Collection

Bring centuries of tradition into your home with Waterford Crystal - a luxurious collection of traditional and contemporary tabletop items from one of Europe’s most iconic brands. Handcrafted in Europe using high-quality crystal, each Waterford piece will add elegance and prestige to your home.

Marquis by Waterford

Discover attainable luxuries from Marquis by Waterford - an exquisite collection of traditional and contemporary tabletop items for your home. Built upon centuries of tradition, Waterford’s most affordable collection contains designs crafted from crystal and Crystalline, a premium glass construction offering the same weight and clarity of lead crystal.

House of Waterford

Add a breathtaking, ageless elegance to any room with Waterford’s premier collection - House of Waterford. Built upon centuries of tradition, House of Waterford offers meticulously and superbly crafted fine crystal from Ireland. Every piece in the collection exudes exquisite quality and a luxurious aesthetic reminiscent of the designs admired in the most renowned museums.


Like his father, Tom Brennan was born in Waterford City, Ireland. From a young age, he aspired to follow in his father Leo's footsteps, carrying on the 200-year tradition of fine crystal craftsmanship. As a young boy, he recalls going to the factory gate to meet his father in the evening. His career with Waterford was launched in 1986 when he began his apprenticeship, learning crystal glass blowing and design techniques. Ever the craftsman, Tom's glass blowing expertise and his experimentation with new designs and shapes allows him to transform dreams into beautiful, hand-crafted works of art.


Arbiter of style and Waterford celebrity spokesperson Jorge Pèrez is a renowned Cuban-American fashion designer & entertaining expert. A wedding industry icon, Jorge has spent many years working in luxury tabletop and fashion design. A regular Waterford guest on EVINE Live for more than six years, Jorge contributes to leading online and print publications and has worked with some of the world's most famous designers. Enjoy Jorge's bubbling personality as he demonstrates how easy it is to entertain in style by introducing signature Waterford designs to your home.

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