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HairDiamond 100% Remy FastClip™ Hair Extension - 304-848

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304-848 - HairDiamond 100% Remy FastClip™ Hair Extension
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HairDiamond 100% Remy FastClip™ Hair Extension

  • INSTANT - apply in one minute
  • Quick to apply, easy to remove - all on your own
  • QUALITY- the highest quality natural human hair available
  • NON-DAMAGING - no gluing, no bonding, no weaving, no metal tubes. Will not damage your own hair.
  • All the sleek, original Italian design features for comfort and durability are found in the FastClip.
  • Remy Hair - highest quality with all cuticles intact and unidirectional.
  • Blends perfectly with your own hair for a natural look. Can be washed, cut, styled and professionally colored, just like your own hair
  • Creates luxurious extensions AND Celebrity Ponytail in just 1 piece
  • Affordable - direct from the designer manufacturer, to deliver VIP product at a main street price
    How To Place in Your Hair:
    Starting with your thumbs an inch above each ear, bring them together at back of your head in the middle. Separate hair by pulling gathered hair up and clip on top. Open all micro clips, and begin to clip in the two BACK clips, just below the separation line, pulling the front two clips forward to clip in at temples. With all the micro clips firmly set, release the hair on top and let it down over FastClip extension. Blend hair together gently by hand to finish.
    How to Create a Celebrity Ponytail:
    With an elastic band, put your own hair into a starter ponytail high on your head. Open all micro-clips on the FastClip Extension. Starting with a micro-clip on one end of the Extension, "hook it" into the elastic band at the base of the ponytail. Wrap the Extension around tightly and continue hooking micro-clips in order, without closing them. Then hook and close the last micro-clip into your hair at the base. To finish the Celebrity Ponytail, take a strand of the Extension from the end and wrap it around the base, covering the seam. Pin it in firmly at the end with a bobby pin, and - Voila! - You have the Celebrity Ponytail that most women could only dream of!

    Washing & Drying: Be sure to remove extension prior to washing. Care for your FastClip Extension as you would your own hair by using quality shampoo and conditioner. The FastClip Extension should not be washed daily, just when needed. If it becomes dry, use high quality nutritional oil for hair. After you wash, you may restyle your FastClip Extension using high quality straighteners, curling irons, or brush and blow dryer.
    Styling: The FastClip Extension is the original one-piece self-apply extension and the only that allows you to do an up-do or a ponytail with style and no baggie half-wigs or multi layered clips. The FastClip Extension utilizes special coated micro-clips and silicone strip to ensure No Damage wearability. Its 5 layers of hair provide volume, remaining lightweight and extremely comfortable. The FastClip Extension can be styled while you wear it, or by holding it. It can be curled and straightened just like your own hair, and if you use hair spray be sure to use nutritional oil after you wash it. If you would like a layered look or shorter style with your FastClip Extension, we recommend your consult your stylist to achieve the look you desire.
    Coloring: For highlights or to change color of your FastClip Extension, rely on your professional hair colorist for best results.

    About the Collection
    Give your hair a boost with HairDiamond - high quality, Remy hair extensions and accessories designed in Milan, Italy. Each HairDiamond product is made with 100% genuine natural hair - the highest quality, most luxurious natural hair available. Just like your own hair, Remy hair can be dyed, curled, straightened, styled and washed for a beautiful, natural look.

    In addition, because HairDiamond products don't require gluing, bonding, weaving or metal crimp systems, getting salon-quality style at home is an effortless and gentle task. Offering a variety of colors and products, including extensions, wigs, accessories and toppers, HairDiamond will give you the length, volume and versatile style you've always wanted.

    Sonia Di MariaAbout the Guest
    For nearly two decades, Sonia Di Maria, HairDiamond founder and designer, has been developing hair products and accessories that emphasize and accentuate every woman's beauty. With a rare blend of style, sophistication and sincerity, Sonia is not only a trusted name in hair products, but a trendsetter and innovator in her field. Creating products for celebrities and everyday women, Sonia loves making people feel beautiful. Explore each easy-to-use, instant styling solution with the expert touch of Sonia Di Maria.

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